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Mission Statement

The Forum on Missional Hermeneutics fosters interdisciplinary scholarship at the intersection of critical biblical interpretation, contextual theology, and mission studies. The Forum gives special attention to the concepts and practices of Christian mission in their historical, postmodern, and postcolonial manifestations and to their significance for the reception, interpretation, and usage of biblical texts in a variety of social, cultural, ethical, theological, and religious contexts.

Our Work

Interdisciplinary Scholarship

The Forum draws together biblical scholars, theologians, graduate students, and ministry practitioners from a range of disciplines and ecclesial contexts to explore the intersections of critical biblical interpretation, contextual theology, and mission studies for the purpose of interpreting the Bible.

Critical Biblical Interpretation

The Forum engages in critical and constructive biblical interpretation in conversation with historical and social­-scientific, literary and narratological, liberationist and post­colonial, and canonical and theological methodologies, among others.

Contextual Theology

The Forum explores what it means to read the Bible self­-consciously and with an explicit methodological starting point in various social (including gender, race, etc.), cultural (including economic, political, etc.), ethical, theological (including doctrinal, ecclesial, etc.), and religious (including post-religious, interreligious, etc.) contexts, in order to discover how the biblical text might be opened up through the adoption of such social locations and interpretive aims, diversely construed, in relation to the mission of God.

Mission Studies

The Forum dialogs critically with the concepts and practices of Christian mission as they are construed in the ecumenical, scholarly field of missiology, which encompasses the history of mission, intercultural studies, interreligious dialogue, the theology of mission, practical theology, and ecumenical studies.